The wife takes the newlyweds to the police station after the bride is caught wearing her husband’s ex-wife’s dress, wondering if she’s an idiot.

When tying a knot with someone, there’s a slight chance you’ll get some ugly surprises from your partner because some people don’t fully open up until something triggers them. Even though it seems like you’ll be together forever, even if you think you know the person better than your own mother – things can still be bad. Someone can cheat. Someone else may have a completely different and sometimes toxic personality.

It is heartbreaking enough to realize that you are married to someone who is completely crazy. But what’s even more heartbreaking is watching the person you love transform into a selfish person who has decided to completely wipe him out as if he wasn’t even his family a second ago.

The woman’s former co-worker was in a similar situation. She divorced her husband, who is now marrying her new partner, and like a cherry on top of that, he even stole her ex-spouse’s wedding stuff that she thought she had lost as she moved. Now this colleague is going to one of the Reddit communities asking if what she did is wrong.

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It’s a pity that someone from your family becomes a bad thief

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Since we are all contrasting individuals, it is understandable that all kinds of things happen between people. Still, this disastrous wedding post has nearly 20,000 upvotes and more than 15,000 comments people discussing about her ex-husband’s insanity.

The woman learns that the bride is wearing her old dress and family heirloom and wonders if it’s wrong to ruin a friend’s ex-spouse’s wedding.

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The author begins the story by saying that both Mary and Adam were actually her former colleagues. Mary joined the women’s department and later her husband Adam joined the other department as well. However, after a few years, Mary decided to resign to pursue another career.

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Before continuing the story, the author wanted to tell what kind of person Mary is. The woman revealed that her former co-worker was truly the kindest and most lovable person she had ever met and that her entire department really missed her. So when she found out in her office that Mary had divorced her husband, everyone was shocked and confused.

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Adam had an affair with the OP’s former colleague, so naturally the woman called Mary to apologize. During her talk with her, she didn’t notice how the two began to keep in touch on a daily basis and at the same time became really good friends. The OP also commented on how Mary never cursed her ex, and how some of her marriage information was accidentally lost.

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However, the ex-colleague was sure her stuff would show up and it had been packed in some boxes since she moved out of her ex-husband’s apartment.

Years have passed and Adam is currently working in the OP department. She notes that he is a good worker but can be very rude at times. Then he invited his entire department to a wedding with the woman he had cheated on Mary. And since the entire department was invited, the author had to ask Mary if she would be okay before actually attending.

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In addition, the writer told Mary where the wedding was going and allowed her to go for a drink.

On the day of the wedding, the author noticed that the dress of the new bride-to-be was oddly similar to the dress Mary was wearing in a wedding photo the OP had seen years ago. Naturally, the woman was bewildered, took a picture of her, felt Mary, and asked if her dress looked familiar.

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Mary looked at the OP’s text but didn’t respond. However, after a while, the police showed up at the event. Authorities demanded the newlyweds take off her dress and jewelry, but a fight broke out between the couple and she was taken to the police station.

Of course, the wedding was ruined and everyone had to leave. Mary didn’t answer the phone, but it was later confirmed that Chelsea were actually wearing a “lost” wedding dress and her family heirloom.

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In addition, Mary asked her ex-spouse if she had seen any of her wedding items, but swore she had never seen it before, so she saw the photos and decided to call the police immediately.

Later, Chelsea and Adam were rescued, but the bride left all stolen belongings at the station. Besides, Adam was completely stunned upon returning to his office, accusing the OP of ruining his wedding.

Fellow Redditors fully supported the OP’s actions.

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