“Women are designed to serve and obey”: A sexist boss gets what he deserves when an employee insults him in front of the CEO.

There is no excuse for gender discrimination in the workplace. And you would think that members of the older generation would know gentlemen and respect women. Unfortunately for some companies the opposite seems to be the case.

Redditor u/dracula912 talked About how his 21-year-old nephew quit his job. Or rather, hit it! The young woman got a job as a secretary in a tax and accounting firm. But she had a lot of red flags from day one.

Her bosses, managers, and co-workers were extremely sexist, favored and ignored. At one meeting, the problem was solved while her boss put her hand on her shoulder and explained that she had to “be a little more compliant” at her job. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Scroll down to see the full story. Pandas.

A 21-year-old secretary had to deal with constant sexism and harassment by her older male colleagues.

Image Credits: Sam Edwards (not real photos)

A thing popped into my head at a work meeting when she decided that was enough.

Image Credits: Dracula 912

As you read the full story, you wonder how someone could have thrived or even survived such a toxic workplace. The people there are terrible. And HR seems to be more interested in protecting the company than the current employee being harassed.

However, a significant number of editors have highlighted the fact that what an assistant does to a boss (such as hitting and yelling at him when he quits his job) could potentially be counterproductive. That said, she has the potential to file a lawsuit.

Besides, she has to talk to a lawyer about the sexual harassment she’s hardened on and the overtime pay she missed.

As life coach Lindsay Hanson previously pointed out: boring panda Each of us is responsible for setting boundaries that we are willing to tolerate. Even if HR doesn’t listen to our peers’ critiques, they can try to speak directly to management about their concerns.

“If there is nothing you can do to change the situation, and the companies or stakeholders involved are reluctant to change, you have to decide whether to stay in that environment or not,” the expert said.

Lindsay emphasized that it is up to us to decide whether to leave the company or remain and try to change the company for the better from within. “A good question to ask yourself is, would you still want to work here if this dangerous situation changed?”

According to her, even if we feel pressured financially or otherwise, there is always a way out of risky situations. “Some companies are still hiring. There are still ways to make money yourself. There is always a way to change the current situation. It’s very limited to tell yourself you’re stuck.”

Here are people’s reactions to the story on r/AskReddit. Some of them had some important advice to share.

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